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Akule's For the Holidays

Our latest innovations make a great stocking stuffer!

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Just in time for the holidays comes the latest innovation from our R&D department: the AKULE INVADER® is out first trolling lure available in a 6-inch edition! 

Made from a two-part polyurethane resin, it is also now available in all of our pre-existing finishes for only $24.95 each. It's the perfect holiday stocking stuffer!

Order your AKULE INVADER® early before the holiday rush!

Also Now Available: Our Monstrous 18-inch Leviathan Invader® Trolling Lure!

Our R&D department hasn't been sitting on their thumbs, that's for sure.

We now hit the opposite side of the scale with our first massively enormous gargantuan (translation: its really, REALLY big) LEVIATHAN INVADER®, an 18-inch monster trolling lure featuring 12/0 southern tuna hooks, 300 lb ball bearing swivels, and a .093 thickness stainless steel through-wire,

The Leviathan Invader® is now available in the finish below and is available for ALL previous designs. Just choose the 18" edition of your favorite Invader® lure!

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