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    Over 35 years ago we started as a millwork / cabinet company but, over the last decade, our interest in saltwater fishing led us to create a method for producing wooden Muskie lures (all with compound curves) without the use of an expensive CNC machine and we began making lures for other lure manufacturers.


    Although we still produce lures for those other companies, we discovered there were a growing number of fishermen in search of a legendary lure called the "Hooker Intruder". Sadly, it was no longer manufactured and so we took it upon ourselves to design our own "Intruder-type" lure.


    It is the opinion of some that the "Hooker Intruder" was the best wahoo and tuna lure ever made. Now, for all those individuals who have been in search of that particular "Intruder" lure, YOUR WAIT IS OVER !


    Double "A" Lures introduces the first custom-made wahoo and tuna lure, the newest innovation in saltwater fishing tackle.


    If you've never tried a lure like the "Intruder" or another hard-bodied lure, now is your chance to try the ALL-NEW "INVADER®", the next "best Wahoo lure ever made."

    Quality From Start to Finish

    AALures.com | Made in the USA

    Superior Materials

    Fine workmanship requires fine materials.

    • 100% Controlled Quality
    • Made By Hand
    • Superior Materials
    • Superior Terminal Tackle
    • High Weight Swivels
    • #316 Stainless Steel Hooks
    • Welded Screw Eyes
    • Ultra High Strength Epoxy
    • All Parts Tested For Strength
    • Satisfaction Guaranteed
    AALures.com | Premium Quality Trolling Lures

    Quality Assured

    At Every Step, From A to Z

    • Hardware is tested for corrosion, being subjected to a brine solution for 30 consecutive days.
    • All lures are through-wire construction.
    • I use #316 stainless steel, the best stainless steel money can buy for a marine application.
    • After assembly, the lure undergoes a pull test of over 350 lbs for a 24 hour period.
    • Once the lure passes those tests, it is assembled and painted. Then it's ready to be fished.

    Pride and A Personal Touch

    We take pride in our work.


    The same pride in product production that that went into our woodworking projects costing tens of thousand of dollars goes into each of our Invader® lures.


    Because each of our Invader® lures is 100% handmade, we are able to give our customers a personal touch. If you contact us before a purchase and let us know you have a specific color(s) in mind, we can custom design your lure for you and add a personal inscription for you or your vessel.

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