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    Quite possibly the last wahoo and tuna fishing lure you'll ever need.

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    Advantages of the

    Invader® High Speed Wahoo Trolling Lure

    The patented Invader® is a 100% handmade Wahoo and Tuna lure for high-speed trolling that offers several unique benefits including:

    • The combination of shape in design and balancing is what gives this lure the ability to be trolled at very high speeds, from 2 knots up to speeds that will commonly exceed 12 knots.

    • The Invader® is possibly the fastest trolling hard body lure on the market today, ideal for large predatory pelagic fish such as Wahoo, Tuna, Dorado, and other highly sought after species.

    • Each lure will have slight differences and it will swim slightly different than another, just like real fish.

    • The vibration of the lure when it swims is so rapid that they can be felt by other fish, serving as an attractant.

    I use only the highest quality materials that I have personally handpicked myself.

    I put body and soul into all my products. I'm a fisherman just like you and I stand behind my lures 100%.


    - Greg Becker, Owner

  • AALures.com | Wahoo Bullet Fishing Lure

    Introducing the Wahoo Bullet®

    The Wahoo Bullet® is a very high speed lure specifically designed for trolling Wahoo.


    It has a 14 oz. bullet head which allows this lure to be pulled at speeds in excess of 20 knots and still remain under the surface of the water.


    When it does break the surface it will leave a bubble trail for hundreds of feet. We all know Wahoo love going fast!!!


    You can even switch it up and troll it at normal speeds and it will find its way deep into the water column. You can be very creative with this lure.

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